Covid-19 Cleaning

Royalty's COVID-19 Infection Prevention Process offers disinfection services, both preventative and remedial for your business needs.

While cleaning or sanitizing your business during these times, we also ensure our employees are practicing COVID-19 state, national and CDC guidelines. We wear masks and gloves the entire time, and ensure we maintain six feet of distance whenever possible.


By ensuring sanitization and disinfection of your business, we work with you to make sure you are in compliance with regulations and that your employees and customers feel safe and cared for during these unprecedented times.

Royalty disinfects and sanitizes businesses through Electrostatic Cleaning Back Packs & Disinfectant Sterilization Foggers. For this process, all surfaces will be cleaned prior to disinfection and the EPA certified disinfectant chemicals kill 99% of viruses on surfaces and objects. Once surfaces have been sprayed, we allow for specific dwell time at the point of contact to kill viruses and sterilize the environment.